Clark ruled ineligible

Troy starting defensive tackle John Clark has been ruled academically ineligible.
In a press release by the athletic department, head coach Larry Blakeney expressed his disappointment in the situation.
"We have failed one of the best young men we have ever had in this program. John was actually eligible according to NCAA standards, but failed to accomplish a school standard grade-point-average which automatically rendered him ineligible.
"We all have to share the blame for this young man not succeeding. John was not an abuser of the system. He went to class, he worked hard in the classroom and took full advantage of the resources afforded to him at Troy. John Clark did everything asked of him, and I am sick about this. He will be afforded the opportunity to come back to school and play next year.
"John has also worked hard to play this game at the college level and was tabbed to be a starter or in the rotation on the defensive line. We must learn from this tragedy and continue to invest in all levels of academic support for all students."
Clark played in all 12 games for the Trojans last season.